Circle, square... triangle

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

At the start of my second year of college we completed various projects in different specialist areas of Art & Design. These would be just under two weeks long... which can be a bit stressful but atleast it keeps things interesting.
So my first project was Fashion, with a very open brief titled "Circle, Square, Triangle."...

Some of my starting points and samples
For my project I initially researched the Bauhaus and became interested in not only the styles use of shape and colour, but the school and their thoughts on how design should be considered as fine art, rather than just sculpture and paintings.

I then began to think about the use of shape. I gained alot of inspiration from an exhibition I had visited that summer, Yayoi Kusama at the Tate Modern. Her intense, obsessive drawings and use of shape really inspired me. Her art really allows the viewer to take a look at her world of endless visions, a desire to escape her psychological trauma.

I was then inspired to create my own drawings and print for my garments. Thinking about the shape of my garment I research origami and designers Issey Miyake and Petra Storrs.

Early test shoot

Bundles of love,

HE x

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  1. Did you make those dresses? If so they are amazing!


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