The first cut

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

During December 2012 I visited “The First Cut” paper exhibition at the Manchester Art gallery. I found the exhibition very inspiring as it showed such a wide range of interesting and unique ways that paper can be used. From the small, intricate paper sculptures to the fascinatingly large scale paper cut outs that could fill a room; the range of work was incredible. I found this visit great primary research and found inspiration for many of my projects, especially my projects in which I initially worked with paper.

I became interested in the way artists in the exhibition used papers that are easily available to many of us, such as maps and book pages. Artist Claire Brewster uses vintage maps and atlases to create delicate cut outs of birds and wildlife, creating a sense of movement in her work as if she is capturing the creatures in action. Elisabeth Lecourt also works with vintage and antique maps however creates a very different outcome. Her whimsical paper dresses are created using various folding techniques, showing an intriguing result of how paper can be manipulated and used. I found that the exhibition and thinking about the artist’s use of paper really inspired by own material choices in a paper project, choosing to work with receipts. These are something many of us receive daily in our lives, so I found the idea of manipulating and experimenting with them very appealing. 

Bundles of love,

HE x

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