Lucy + Jorge Orta

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Whilst at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, I visited the Lucy + Jorge Orta exhibition. It was the first time I had seen the work of the artist, so I definitely didn't expect it to be as inspirational to me and my own work as it has now become. 


The exhibition really stood out to me, especially looking at the colour and materials used in each piece. The layering of the gloves or objects could at times look quite chaotic, but at the same time create something quite beautiful.

Orta began fashioning refuge wear in the 90's, investigating the relationship between body and architecture, looking at the conditions that create human distress.

Body Architecture.

These temporary shelters are a portable habitat. They are personal comfort, a waterproof shelter. Temporary protection from natural disasters. Mobile sleeping bags for the homeless. Rucksacks covert into a shelter. Wearable life rafts and life jackets.

I became really interested in the idea of Body Architecture. Transformable designs are also beginning to filter more into mainstream fashion. Performance label JakPak have launched an all in one waterproof jacket, tent and sleeping bag aimed at outdoor enthusiasts. 

The work of Lucy Orta led me to look at more artists and designers, continuing to think about uses of materials and how a garment can be used as protection. Thinking about an active side and Orta's choice of crisp, fresh colours also led me to research sportswear or sportswear inspired designs. 

Aitor Throup's protection

Diana Eng's inflatable dress

Rather than researching sportswear I have began looking at designers who have become influenced by it, seen through the ultra sleek, modern, clean cut pieces:
Calvin Klein | Jonathan Saunders
Pringle of Scotland | Richard Nicoll


I feel eager to start a new project and find this an interesting starting point, although still at more of the research stage... so alot more to come!

Bundles of love,
HE x

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