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Sunday, November 24, 2013

I've recently become more and more interested in Japanese pattern cutting... something that has always amazed me but at the same time left me completely baffled.  

previous professor at the famous Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Tomoko Nakamichi's collection of Pattern magic, Drape and Stretch fabric books are completely fascinating. The books are incredible, especially if you are complete pro at dressmaking... or even if you just fantasise that you are (like me...) they can still be a captivating read and great inspiration.

(How are you doing this?!)

Sticking with the pattern cutting theme of this post, I also took part in a workshop to help form ideas and skills when it comes to patterns. Here we had to work out how to create flat pattern pieces that when constructed would create a calico vase...


AAAAAAAAAAAAAND... the vase. Although it was a pain to sew and has turned out slighty more... stumpy... to the original, i'm still really happy with it! It made me think alot more about the way garments and patterns are constructed, how patterns work and what they can do.


Bundles of love,
HE x

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