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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Materials and fabrics are just asking to be touched. Whether it’s the texture, the way it falls, perhaps a shine in appearance or unique look. It’s hard to imagine a time when clothing items were made from a limited range of fabrics.

Trying to shop for fabrics without using the sense of touch seems impossible. How could you possibly try to select a fabric to use without being able to touch it and imagining its final look that the fabric will create? How to imagine the structure of the garment, would it be difficult to work with, the way it would drop, the strength?

During October I visited the Christian Dior exhibition at Platt Hall gallery of costume in Manchester.

Although the pieces in the exhibition were exquisite, it was the layout of the museum that also caught my eye. Each dress perfectly placed on a mannequin stood proudly on display, not hidden or trapped behind glass. As they stood elegantly it was as if they were just asking to be touched.

It was Christian Dior's signature 'New Look' in 1947 that marked the start of his hugely influential career. A key piece at the Dior exhibition is a printed lilac silk cocktail dress that was designed by Yves Saint Laurent, who started work at the Dior fashion house in 1955 at the age of 19. He would later go on to replace Dior as Chief Designer after his death in 1957.

Bundles of love,
HE x

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