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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

After a lovely pancake day I came up with a few ideas with what to give up for lent. After failing at many (In only a day in…) my final attempt is to stop buying full price clothes (discount counts right?)

The idea of this started off really well(better than I ever thought). I've always loved making garments or reworking pieces into something new. Recently I had a look in a few local charity shops, only for a nosey but ended up leaving with a few gems…

Firstly, this tapestry-esque zip up coat(And it actually fits!) I could not stop looking at it in the shop, I think at first I only brought it so I could continue looking at it for longer. It is definitely an unusual length for me and I'm not a huge fan of it being zipped up, but I really love the fabric! It looks great teamed with a furry scarf, I may make some alterations but for now I'm happy I brought it(And it looks fabulous on Barnabas the cat).

I also brought a basic white knit vest from another charity shop. I love monochrome so this is a really cute piece to layer and build outfits with. It is slightly big but I think it will work great for layering.

As it was just after pay day for me, my feet couldn't help wandering into the local shopping centre and I did end up trying on a few outfits… which then led to making a few buys from Topshop(only three!)

I made myself feel less like an absolutely terrible person by doing an exchange and returning a skirt that I regretted buying due to its not so great fit, then getting discount aswell… so technically it wasn't full price at all? (Or am I just desperately trying to make myself feel better…)

I brought a see-through rain coat. I first had one of these in cape form about two to three years ago for when I first started college. I absolutely loved it and wore it at the first sign of a rain drop, but over the years it started to turn slightly cloudy in appearance.  I love that this version is more of a zip up rain coat with pockets, much easier to wear.

Next is a navy bralet. The fabric is beautiful and makes it very expensive looking. I love bralets although I don't often wear them alone, usually teamed with layers, maybe something sheer.

And lastly its the grey t-shirt midi dress! The black and grey makes it very easy to wear and I love the 90's feel to it.

I can't see the no buying full price clothes rule getting any better, but I am looking forward to start making some new garments in the next few weeks. 

Bundles of love,
HE x

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