Monday, March 31, 2014

Originally from Rome, but now based in Milan, i've been looking a lot into designer Flavia la Rocca's work recently, making me feel incredibly nostalgic towards my Final Major Project. I really admire her approach on sustainability and how she creates interchangeable garments. For example pieces can be changed into a number of ways using hidden zippers. A skirt can be elongated, become a midi or a mini, connect to become a dress….it ends up becoming eight outfits in one(and who wouldn't want that!) 

Its not just Flavia's interchangeable creations, she also approaches sustainability by using a material called Newlife and by making everything entirely in Italy. The Newlife material is created from plastic bottles which converts into a high performance thread. And whilst considering all of this its still amazing that the end result still looks incredibly stylish, the design is never sacrificed.

During my Final Major Project I looked a lot into interchangeable garments, and my final pieces then consisted of three garments that could each be changed at least once. This is something i've become a lot more interested in lately and would love to start exploring again in my own work. I created a video during my FMP of how my garments changed, which I will be posting soon but for now heres some of Flavia's pieces...

flavialarocca - 'The Folded Looks' from flavialarocca on Vimeo.

I mean why buy one dress when you could buy two?

Bundles of love,
HE x

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