Oh! The places you'll go,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So I feel like I have been gone forever! The main reason being my dramatic return to university and move out! I was so blessed and I am forever grateful for all the opportunities and experiences I had during my time out of education, but I am extremely happy to be back studying and even happier to be back based in Manchester, absolutely adore the city and already settled back into uni life. 

The title of this post has come up not only because I do love Dr. Seuss, but it also has a super special meaning to me. When I was much much younger my lovely mummy brought the book "Oh! The places you'll go" (It is honestly such a sweet book I can't express it enough) and then kept it hidden away until I was ready to leave home (Tears. Many tears.) 

Although she did give it me as my leaving present when I initially left home when I was 18, it still feels and is very important to me now, taking pride of place on my book shelf standing out from what feels is an endless amount of fashion, fabric and pattern cutting reads. 

I few initial snaps from my new home! I absolutely adore getting a blank room and filling it with my belongings, making it really personal (and in my case fluffy and pink…)

So a very rambley return post with a cheeky recent outfit of the day showing my new hair! I have been ridiculously busy but I guess thats the best way to be. Definitely have alot to post on here so I'm sure i'll catch up soon! 

Bundles of love,
HE x

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