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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

I have always shopped in Lush for aslong as I can remember. Going into a store was always a fun experience, especially when you are younger and everything is so shiny and colourful, but recently their products became a lot more relevant to me. I became vegan during April 2015, after being a vegetarian for ten years. Moving into my own flat gave me my own independence and allowed me to give Veganism a try, after wanting to make the transition since high school. Having my own space was definitely a factor in how smoothly it went and my only regret ended up being not trying it sooner.

The Lush 'Fighting Animal Testing' campaign is just one of the many factors that attracts me to shop there. Beneath the fun, vibrant exterior they still have a purpose and still stand for something. Through my university course I have become extremely interested in shopping ethically and knowing more about where my products come from. Through the 'Ethical Buying' policy, Lush show just how much they respect not only the environment they get their ingredients from, but also the animals and people who work/reside there.

Through blogging I recently thought about sharing more on my Vegan lifestyle. With Lush offering a lot of Vegan friendly products(the rest being 100% Vegetarian), I find myself shopping with them for a lot of my regular go-to's. One of them being their face masks.

Catastrophe Cosmetic has to be my all time favourite. With my skin being quite sensitive and unexpectedly acting up every so often, it really helps to calm it down. The use of blueberries in the ingredients creates a soothing mask that really softens the skin. The Cupcake face mask was one of the first products I ever purchased from Lush, and I still enjoy using it. The cocoa powder not only makes it smell amazing enough to eat(I literally would eat this) but it really gives the skin a deep cleanse and helps to draw out any impurities and trapped dirt. 

More to come on these, featuring a before and after post.

Bundles of Love,

HE x

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