Perfect Shade of Pink

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I recently found my foam shrimp aesthetic reaching new sugary heights with this outfit, not that I am complaining in the slightest. All slightly older pieces with none of them being purchased this year, digging into my wardrobe to find forgotten treasures I am guilty of neglecting. Starting with The Myrtle jumper from Alexa Chung's M&S archive collection, the softest most sweetest jumper a gal could own. I teamed this with three Topshop pieces - my black PU western belt, 100% textile pink shimmer boots and this dream printed skirt that could easily have made a cameo in The Cheetah Girls films am I right?

At times I majorly struggle finding non-leather shoes, so discovering these(in the sale and my tiny size may I add) was just peachy. As if I didn't feel pink enough(Do I ever?) I topped everything off with my all time favourite faux fur scarf by Shrimps.

Bundles of Love,

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