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Monday, February 27, 2017

So I had the lovely opportunity to attend The Lush Beauty School blogger event in Manchester a couple of weeks ago. I am a true lover of Lush so I was super excited(/nerdy, lets be honest here) about this. As I have mentioned previously, The Lush campaigns and what they stand for are crazy important to me. Whether it's fighting animal testing or ethical buying, the companies beliefs definitely collide with my own. Not only did they show us various tutorials for their products but they also explained in more detail about the campaigns, which just made me want to shop with them even more.

We were each put into three groups to rotate around different product tutorials. My first stop was a Henna and Hair styling tutorial. I have always being super curious about henna, alot of my friends are already obsessed and it can keep your hair in a really healthy condition, whilst keeping a bomb colour of course. The colours are amazing and the fiery Rouge shade is definitely what i'll be reaching for. I have always thought the application process of henna to be insanely strenuous but the Lush staff made it ever so easy and actually quite fun. This followed on by a styling tutorial looking at the hair dressing Mr. Dandy's Hair Candy. I have actually purchased this product before but completely misused and neglected it so this was a really sweet eye opener. The gal leading the session was an absolute vintage dream and showed us how to use the product to create a 1940's Victory Roll style, something I never would have expected the product to do and be able to hold. This was then teamed with a Knot wrap to create the perfect pin up look. 

I then moved on to looking at the make-up. To be honest I am a complete newbie to the Lush make-up scene, but all the products are so colourful and dreamy. We were shown a tutorial that featured a really sweet eye look and was totally achievable to try for ourselves. During this I also found my favourite product of not only this session but the whole night, the Feeling Younger skin tint. This supplement has an absolute majestic glow and can work as an amazing highlight. 

Last but not least we headed over into the Lush greenhouse. Yes they have their own greenhouse in store?! Here we went on to make our own  limited for Christmas Butterbear bath bomb and Cupcake face mask. Cupcake is an all time favourite of mine so I was super happy about this. Making our own Lush products just shows how simple and pure the end result is, no nasties to be found here. We also found out more about where the ingredients come from and of course we each got to take our little creations home. 

Overall it was a really sweet night and just made my love for Lush even more powerful, aswell as leaving that signature dreamy Lush smell clinging to my clothes for a couple of days.

Bundles of Love,

HE x

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