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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

So after alot of recommendations I finally made a very eager trip to Berlin. If i'm being completely honest the main reason was for food, after stalking one too many Instagram accounts. But more on my five day pig out later, I completely fell in love with the city. With a pal recently moving there I can totally understand why they took the leap. I really tried to take full advantage of my time here, squeezing as much in as possible, a few full on tourist moves too of course but why not?

Along with attempting to plan out(used loosely here) all the places I wanted to visit, I also loved stumbling upon some hidden gems. I found so much inspiration for both my personal and design work. I also made some trips with this in mind too, heading to the Kunstgewerbemuseum (Museum of Decorative Arts) whose fashion gallery is insane! Such an extensive collection, and the design of the actual museum is really interesting too. I also got to visit various other galleries and museums such as The Anne Frank Zentrum where her actual diary is on display, something I hold really close to me.  

I really wanted to explore the fashion in Berlin whilst here, visiting branded stores and The Mall of Berlin, but focusing mainly on finding vintage. I visited quite a few all from a quick online search, there are tonnes of articles online, and made some sweet purchases for myself and my work(another post on those later). The above shot shows part of Made in Berlin, which has an amazing colour co-ordinated set up, I mean whats not to love about that.

Now onto the main event: The food. I literally haven't ever eaten so much in my life as I did those five days. With Vegan and Veggie Currywurst(my new favourite dish ever) being sold absolutely everywhere I think I just about doubled in size. My all time favourite eating spot though was Brammibal's Donuts, I can't stress how much everyone has to visit here! The best donuts and grilled cheese I have ever had(all vegan too).

Some more of the highlights of my trip included visiting the Gendarmenmarkt, the East Side Gallery and The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, along with the underground information centre that everyone should truly visit. Berlin was such a great experience for me, one i'll hopefully revisit again sometime

Bundles of Love,
HE x

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